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Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Approved Service Engineers
SW8 Associates Ltd - London - Kent - Essex

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Megaflo Unvented Cylinder Servicing:

Heatrae Sadia Megaflo appliances are manufactured and fabricated to a very high standard. Incorporating extremely high quality stainless steel. Otherwise they could not credit the consumer with a lifetime guarantee on the stainless vessel.

The components supplied with the unit, also carry an extensive warranty, therefore regular maintenance and repairs are minimal.

However, ALL unvented cylinders are potentially volatile, if they’re poorly installed, and the safety components are not checked on an annual basis.

To ensure trouble free operation, and high performance throughout the year, it is advisable to follow the manufacturers guidelines, and have your Megaflo serviced annually.

If your Tundish is discharging water (picture right), then this indicates either a problem, or your unit requires servicing.

Servicing Megaflo & Unvented Appliances:

Fixed Servicing Charge: £89.00  (defined scope service)

Does NOT include any additional parts (if required).

Standard service procedure recommended as per manufacturers instructions.