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Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Approved Service Engineers
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These are photographs sent to us by a client who wanted to know why he couldn’t get his installation signed off by building control?

When we picked ourselves up off the floor laughing, we took it more seriously on closer inspection.

It has to be one of the worst examples of appalling workmanship and incompetence we’ve ever seen, and downright dangerous!

Plastic fittings used on high temperature discharge pipework, and then continued in plastic overflow pipe!

The expansion vessel had been secured using a jubilee strap to the rising pipework for support, that hadn’t been clipped or secured itself!

The general pipework is a catastrophe, and not a stitch of lagging or insulation in sight!

There’s a stack of faults, just too many to list.

We have collected over 1,700 images of systems, and appliances. This example below shows the appalling standard of workmanship than can be found taking place on a DAILY basis.

Added to the list is half a metric ton of water, resting on a sheet of 10-12mm boarding, between the two pieces of 4x2 that are supposedly supporting the unvented cylinder!

Glad I’m not sleeping under that!